Tech should make your life easier


You want your computer to “just work”. It might be ancient hardware, an evil install or even a virus, whichever way we know you’re busy taking over the world and you just need your computer to work. Our experience and expertise will have you back in business in no time.


Your phone isn’t just your phone. It’s your calendar, contacts, camera and more. It’s also very easy to lose, break or “drown” (oops) so let us help with backing up your phone so that your ‘stuff’ is always available. New phone? Want it to set up the same as your last one? Let us take care of that for you.


We understand the frustration when your internet is slower than a three-toed-sloth. When you need to make things faster, get your devices talking to each other or analyse your internet speed, we’re here to help. We’ll even call your service provider with you to talk “tech” on your behalf.

Moving House

Your ‘To Do List’ is long enough when you’re moving, so call us to help cross a few things off your list. Connect the internet. Check. Get the TV, printer and all your other gadgets connected and working. Check. Sort out the smart wiring (without unsightly cables). Check. We’ll let you get on with unpacking while we get you re-connected.


Sometimes you just need to binge watch Netflix. You’ve earned it.
You want your favourite shows to play on your TV and you really don’t care how they get there – let us set up the technology to do it.
You’re entitled to your down time so get ready to unwind.

Everything Tech

If it’s tech in your home, we can help. If it connects to a network, has an acronym you don’t understand or can’t be bothered understanding (NBN, ADSL, 4G, DLNA, AFP) let us sort it out for you.

Frustration over Reboot
Only $80 an hour